Envoy 2.7 Released

Snapshot, it’s a thing! The big new feature in 2.7 is the ability to Snapshot an OMW project during the build process.  What’s a Snapshot?  Glad you asked. The Snapshot is a .par file of the project written out to the deployment server.  How does it work?  We made it configurable; define when to snapshot (pickup,… Read More

Envoy 2.6 Released

The 2.6 release of Envoy is driven entirely by customer feedback.  We squashed some bugs and added new email options.  Now, the build path code or version name is right there in the subject line.  This is great for distribution lists and filtering when not all recipients want emails about DV at 2:45am. You can… Read More

Envoy 2.5 Released

EnterpriseOne 9.2 has arrived!  Envoy sailed through OVI certification last month but we wanted to pack more into the last quarterly release of 2015.  Our Christmas gift to you. Enhanced error reporting and SQL server, Oh my. Multi-foundation is always a good idea when working through a tools upgrade.  A new hint has been added… Read More