Envoy 2.7 Released

Snapshot, it’s a thing! The big new feature in 2.7 is the ability to Snapshot an OMW project during the build process.  What’s a Snapshot?  Glad you asked. The Snapshot is a .par file of the project written out to the deployment server.  How does it work?  We made it configurable; define when to snapshot (pickup, processing, or complete) and from where (source path code) in the processing options.

Screen Shot of the Snapshot with build report in the background.

We are excited to hear about the use case for Snapshot in your environment.  Give us a shout over at support or on twitter.

You can download the latest and greatest version of Envoy in the support portal at our 2.7 downloads page, and for more details about the changes that made it in, see below.

Release Notes Summary

v2.7 | March 2016

EnhancementEnvoy Snapshot
A new processing option – Snapshot – provides the ability to generate a “snapshot” (a .par file) of projects at pickup, processing, or complete status. This snapshot can be used to version projects during the build/deploy process.
EnhancementFull Package Name on Build Report
The parent package name is now provided on the build report.
EnhancementDynamic Date Format
All Envoy dates are now formatted according to user preference.  This setting is configured in User Profile (P0092), under Display Preferences. If no date format is defined, the date format is based on the system setting.
EnhancementNew UDOs in Tools
Envoy recognizes the new UDO types – Composed Pages and Images – introduced in Tools
Bug FixClient Workstation Deployment Status
The update package status matches the full package status in the Work with Package Deployment (P9631) application.
ClarificationUpdated PO Glossary Language
The glossary for the Non-Package Objects in the Processing Options has been updated to provide additional detail on the alternate workflow for non-package bypass, the bypass transfer status, and the bypass complete status.
ClarificationBuild Report Message Syntax
Various updates to strings used in the build report for enhanced readability.

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