Yes, our products are OVI certified for the latest release and are installed and running today on apps 9.2 and tools 9.2.

Yes, our products support multi-foundation.

After a table is deployed, Envoy compares the updated spec to the physical table in each data source. If a discrepancy is identified, the table or index is automatically generated to match the updated object while existing records are preserved.

Yes, we support business services on WebLogic, WebSphere and OAS.

Errors are called out, and logged, at build runtime. Errors within the build are identified by a proprietary algorithm and communicated to system administrators via real time email notification. If the build fails, the software let’s you know what failed and why it failed. If there are errors in the code, we don’t deploy the code.

Change Console’s data can easily be exported into Microsoft Excel for sorting and sequencing, giving Managers, Developers, CNC, Business Analysts and even Auditors the ability to access extensive information with ease.



No, the AutoDeploy software can be deployed on your existing setup.

Our installation process is as follows:
  • Your team completes a pre-install worksheet.
  • AutoDeploy reviews the worksheet and confirms completeness.  If needed, we will ask you to clarify any points of concern.
  • The actional installation contains three major steps all of which can be completed remotely via a web meeting or live on-site:
  • First, discuss how to configure the software for your environment.  Which OMW status codes to use, ad-hoc vs scheduled builds, etc.
  • Second, install and configure the programs.  The process is similar to applying an ESU.
  • Third, run test build to verify functionality/configuration in DV and optionally PY.

Our installation and configuration process typically takes less than a day.



The AutoDeploy model is incredibly simple: All you can eat.  We charge a flat annual license fee per year for unlimited enterprise use of our entire suite of products.  This cost includes initial installation, support, and software updates for the the term of the license.