Cloud Assessment

AutoDeploy provides a comprehensive analysis of your existing workloads. We extract a comprehensive set of data from each VM or bare metal machine that tells you all of your machine to machine communication (inbound and outbound communication), compute utilization from CPU, RAM, and physical disk, every executed process and command, and a right sized instance type for each of your workloads.

Migration Factory

AutoDeploy has a standard and repeatable model to migrate on-premises workloads to AWS Cloud. Our migration factory ensures that your workloads are quickly provisioned for unit testing and integrated testing. Our solutions and services move quickly to get your business moving at cloud speed.

Our migrations services include:


Since the beginning of computing integrations has been an expensive and difficult task for the Enterprise. There have been key architectural constraints that your ERP software required forced tradeoffs for efficiency, cost, and time to value. In a cloud first world integration development has almost no boundaries. Instead of dealing with forced compromises we believe transformational IT leadership is asking a key question: “How can we reduce our operational costs and increase our time to market to deliver new value-added outcomes?”

Serverless creates an opportunity to turn your digital core, your ERP system, into an API first platform. Why is this important? Because it enables your business to build on top of the APIs; with more people building the faster your business innovates. Increased velocity in innovation leads to exciting new opportunities for your business. Don’t believe us? See what the CIO of one of our customers has to say.

Disaster Recovery

When was the last time your business ran a DR test? Disaster recovery planning and implementation has never been more important than right now. The threats to your business don’t take a night off. AutoDeploy offers a DR solution that is robust and able to meet any RTO and RPO metric. Our creative engineering provides multiple failover points ensuring your critical business applications are running based on your organizational business requirements. 

AutoDeploy’s disaster recovery model works for on-premises customers, hybrid cloud customers, and cloud first customers. We meet your business where you are at and can assist your teams to build out best in class disaster recovery solutions. Once you build your disaster recovery model with AutoDeploy we’ll work with your team to test your DR setup and ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Systems Backup

Your business is operating fast. Is your backup strategy matching the agility and scale that your organization requires? Get out of the backup business forever. Seriously, right now. AutoDeploy can ensure real time SOC 2 compliant backups across all media. Whether you write to tape on an AS400, snapshot and ship your backups offsite, or have no system backup strategy at all, AutoDeploy can help your business automate your core systems backup process freeing up valuable resource time and money.