Change Console

Intuitive Change Management

Change Console offers an intuitive user interface that delivers real time visual analytics of status across all E1 development projects.

AutoDeploy understands that while not all changes require the same level of effort, all changes require the same level of tracking and status reporting. Change Console has the ability to incorporate flexible workflows configured for your business processes. This prevents a minor change from going through a major business process while also capturing every touch point of a major change. The ability to automatically track and visualize change has never been easier.

Key Performance Indicators

Change Console delivers key performance indicators for efficient and timely business communication. It offers drill-down capability within each and every project

Single Platform

Because it is a single platform, it simplifies hand-offs from one group to the next, facilitates reductions in cost/cycle time, and minimizes delays.

Full Integration

Change Console can easily be implemented into an existing JD Edwards system – it relies on existing information available in the system and is fully integrated into the standard JD Edwards tools and APIs.

Change Console installs in one day across all of your environments to empower your business. Enable a business driven approach to your JD Edwards development lifecycle with AutoDeploy’s Change Console.