Enterprise Scale Continuous Deployment Software for Oracle® JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

AutoDeploy believes that every software development team should have a fully automated deployment process. If automating software deployment processes is such a ‘no-brainer’, why aren’t more people doing it? Our theory is that development teams are not doing it because they understand the overhead of creating, setting-up, configuring and maintaining an automated deployment mechanism to not be worth the potential short-term benefits. AutoDeploy has delivered a game-changing approach to JD Edwards deployment automation,fully automating the package build and deployment process.
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Features and Benefits


Transforming value delivery across your enterprise

End Users

2_EU“We have definitely seen updates to our system occurring much faster, with fewer failures. IT is now viewed as an enabler of change vs. an impediment in our organization.”


2_CIO“AutoDeploy’s suite of products have both lowered my costs and enabled my team to be more agile in delivery of value add projects to the business. We have really strengthened the relationship between IT and our business users.”


2_Devs“The Envoy automated release process helps us work at maximum efficiency. I am able to initiate my own deployments to development and test environments which has virtually eliminated lag time between dev and integrated testing.”


2_Audit“The analytics in AutoDeploy’s Change Console product has enabled me to produce my own reports come audit time. I am able to run and export a complete audit log of all projects transferred and all activities performed in any given period.”


2_CNC“By automating all of our builds I am now freed up to focus on much more critical work and am freed from weekend work. The automated build reports let our developers know their projects have been deployed without me having to lift a finger.”

Business Analysts

2_BA“I am now getting Feedback from acceptance and performance tests every day. I can see across teams and departments, understand bottlenecks and know where we are at risk.”

How Your Enterprise Benefits


time-watch-theme-machines-gearsManual work automated allows for better optimization of scarce internal resources.

Speed to Market

traffic-car-vehicle-blackFaster cycle times with 24 x 7 deployment capability and automated status updates.


business-money-pink-coinsDeployment costs lowered, predictable and fixed regardless of volume.


sky-sunny-clouds-cloudyUnprecedented portfolio visibility, process governance and auditability

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I’ve been receiving some great feedback about our #AllInOne #JDE solution for #AWS. One key thing I am consistently asked is, “why would we want to test out the latest tools on AWS?” While I think the answer has many layers of complexity, I want to reiterate the key point from my experience. Creating temporary resources… Read More

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We are happy to announce that AutoDeploy and Brightwork Research and Analysis have combined resources to provide a book about Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. This book will explain the benefits of leveraging AWS for SAP and Oracle environments. Historically SAP and Oracle environments have built their entire business model based upon on premises.… Read More

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Download the success story about how Akorn Pharmaceutical was able to fully automate their build and deploy for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in a highly regulated industry.  Akorn Success Story If you are interested in a demo please email:

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What Our Customers Think

With Envoy we have been able to reduce development time, increase utilization of our in house and 3rd party resources, be more agile in delivery of value add projects to the business, and facilitate a strong relationship between IT and our business users.

AutoDeploy’s Envoy, is the best enterprise software I have purchased recently. When we initially looked at Envoy, met with their team, and saw the product, there was a sense that no solution to automate a historically challenging function in package build and deploy could possibly live up to its billing.

AutoDeploy has been a great partnership for Outrigger. Before we were using AutoDeploy Envoy, the technical functions of EnterprsieOne, specifically package management, was challenging for our IT organization.

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