Better, faster results develops stronger relationships with IT and business users and creates opportunities for meaningful collaboration.

By providing your employees with better tools that simplify their daily activities, you build their confidence in your installation of JDE E1. Using AutoDeploy’s suite of products guides them through a consistent process for change management. By making it easier to move and monitor changes into system, your IT team is able to deliver more accurate results in less time.



Intuitive Change Management

  • Key Perfomance indicators w/ drill-down capability within each and every project
  • Simplified handoffs from one group to the next
  • Fully integrated with the OMW API, capturing a complete audit log of all projects transferred and all activities performed.

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Automated Build & Deployment

  • Automated package build and deploy of EnterpriseOne objects and business services
  • Table generation module that compares the updated spec to the physical table in each data source, calling out discrepancies and preserving existing records.
  • The Envoy build report—a detailed log of all activity performed is transmitted via e-mail upon process completion

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Validation & Testing

  • Confirms jobs are successfully run, returning expected results
  • Validation of business process and object changes
  • Changes tested on the most current object in the correct pathcode.
  • Allows clients to validate the changes work as intended before introducing changes into your production system

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