Envoy 2.6 Released

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The 2.6 release of Envoy is driven entirely by customer feedback.  We squashed some bugs and added new email options.  Now, the build path code or version name is right there in the subject line.  This is great for distribution lists and filtering when not all recipients want emails about DV at 2:45am.

You can download the latest version of Envoy in the support portal at our 2.6 downloads page, and for more details about the changes that made it in, see below.

Release Notes Summary

v2.6 | January 2016

EnhancementEmail Output Configuration
Additional Processing Options offer the ability to add the build path code, version name, or version title to the email subject and/or the email body.
Bug FixPackage Name Next Number
Next Number allocation has been updated to better account for various length package names.
Bug FixNon-Package Object Bypass
Updated the Envoy build report and email notification with revised messaging for bypass workflow.  Additionally, the bypass complete stats transfer is now optional.
Bug FixControl Table Objects
Envoy now advances projects comprised entirely of control table objects to a complete status when a package build is not required.

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