Envoy 2.4 Released

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Today we are pleased to announce the release of Envoy 2.4.  This release contains a number of fixes that polish up the build process and set the stage for tools 9.2 support later this year.

You can download the latest and greatest version of Envoy in the support portal at our 2.4 downloads page, and for more details about the changes that made it in, see below.

Release Notes Summary

v2.4 | September 2015

NewBuild Report – Package Assembly Section
In selected instances, running Envoy from the deployment server results in a blank value for the object name and description in the Package Assembly section of the build report. Envoy now displays these values.
Bug FixChange Assistant failure
In selected instances, Change Assistant fails to load the Envoy package with a null pointer exception. This has been addressed.
EnhancementEmail Notification Enhanced Subject Line
The email notification subject line has been enhanced to indicate when zero projects have been processed.
EnhancementIssue with ESU JM18347
An issue occurs when building ESU JM18347 on Tools Envoy has been revised in regard to handling build targets in 9.1.5.
NewEnterprise Server Build does not complete
In multiple cases in Tools 9.1.5.x, the server build does not complete and UBE status remains at 40-Build Started. Envoy now recognizes this as an error and prevents deployment.
NewDuplicate Object
In selected instances, it may be possible for two projects at the same status to contain the same object. Envoy now recognizes the second instance as a duplicate and indicates as such in the Build Report.
EnhancementCreate Index API
In selected instances, a database error occurs when attempting to drop a single index and prevents the process from completing. This has been addressed.
NewClient only NER Generation in Tools >= 9.1.5
Envoy has been updated to address the known issue with client only NER generation in previous tools releases.
EnhancementTools 9.1.5 Support
Envoy has been updated to include additional scenarios related to allowed extensions in the jde.ini file and NER generation failures.

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