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Steltix Partners with AutoDeploy to Bring JD Edwards Continuous Deployment and Delivery Software Suite to the European Market


AutoDeploy, a market leader in continuous delivery and deployment automation software announced it has formed a strategic partnership with Steltix, the premier European Oracle Platinum Partner specializing exclusively in JD Edwards ERP. Through the partnership, Steltix will expand the reach of AutoDeploy’s software solutions throughout Europe.

“We are excited about partnering with Steltix, a recognized market leader for JD Edwards in Europe,” said Mark Dalton, CEO of AutoDeploy. “Steltix and AutoDeploy are aligned on the pressures facing the modern ERP customer in delivering and managing change in their business, while maintaining and expanding the flexibility of their enterprise systems to support and facilitate change. We believe our partnership with Steltix can create new transformational outcomes for Steltix and their customers.”

AutoDeploy software automates the delivery of projects and changes, from development build and deploy, to production. Utilizing an advanced algorithmic error handling process to capture errors at the point of build, and prevent errors from being built and deployed into any and all JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Environments, AutoDeploy increases the quality of project deliverables, reduces errors, and speeds time to realized value.

“Customers are looking at automation solutions to streamline cost and improve service levels to the business,” said Dalton, “because business demands for rapid delivery and deployment of changes continues to increase with no end in sight”. Coupling AutoDeploy’s automation products with Steltix’s deep expertise in JD Edwards and complementary commercial applications creates a one of a kind set of solutions for European customers.

“AutoDeploy is a great software suite which perfectly fits in our own product strategy”, said Anton Wessels, Managing Director of Steltix. “It complements our own JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Products and service offerings. Using the Steltix Version Workbench for Version Handling and then deploying the changes with AutoDeploy accelerates the time to deliver process changes substantially. We continuously search for ways to innovate and increase value delivered to our customer. AutoDeploy seamlessly fits into that philosophy.”

“Cloud speed technologies are an emerging market for enterprise software. We know from our customer base that AutoDeploy software transforms how every person across the ERP value chain is positively impacted by automation. Real time delivery of code changes empowers businesses to pivot off of legacy manual processes and focus on strategic value add projects. Our partnership with Steltix creates a positive framework for customers to be the best at what they do,” added Dalton.

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