John Schiff and Mark Dalton Discuss How AutoDeploy Lowers Oracle JD Edwards TCO

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I had the pleasure to talk with John Schiff about the AutoDeploy suite of products. We’ve put together a quick video about the talk that John and I had at JD Edwards Denver campus. Automating your change management process lowers your TCO and with AutoDeploy’s software it does a whole lot more! Here’s the video:

John Schiff and Mark Dalton Discuss AutoDeploy For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Customers

Here are some key takeaways from our talk with John, as well as key takeaways we are hearing from our customers:

  • Error handling ensures that a build with errors will not be deployed in any environment. This increases the quality of the code you are building in DV, PY, and PD.
  • Version Control enables your business to rollback changes in real time. AutoDeploy automatically saves a version of the objects in every project. Your developers, business analysts, and end users never have to worry about saving objects ever again: the process to version objects is built into the software.
  • Advanced branching allows for different kinds of objects to be handled, well, differently. A UDC is not the same as an interactive application. Why would you want to handle different objects the same way? If you want to promote objects like a UDC to DV and PY at the same time, AutoDeploy’s automated process for build and deploy can automatically advance objects based on your business needs.
  • Shared visibility with real time notification and the AutoDeploy Envoy build and deploy report gives your business a complete view of ever action that has occurred in the build and deploy, in an easy to read and easy to manage .pdf. Wether it is on your desktop, mobile phone, or iPad, the ability to get real time visibility removes any questions around who built the package, when it was built, if the package was built with success, and when the package was installed.

At AutoDeploy we want to transform outcomes for EnterpriseOne customers. We want to remove friction in the change management process, slack time in development, and a lack of visibility into the change management process. CIOs are being mandated to increase the pace of change based on the business’ accelerating external and internal change drivers. AutoDeploy helps your business strategically align IT and your business to take advantage of the robust technology in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, helping you better serve your markets, and find areas of competitive advantage as you go to market with agility and speed.

We are lucky to have a great partnership with Oracle’s JD Edwards team and we look forward to more conversations in the coming months.

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