How to Leverage AWS and Google Cloud for SAP and Oracle

How to Leverage AWS

We are happy to announce that AutoDeploy and Brightwork Research and Analysis have combined resources to provide a book about Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

This book will explain the benefits of leveraging AWS for SAP and Oracle environments. Historically SAP and Oracle environments have built their entire business model based upon on premises. They have been two of the most successful software vendors under the on-premises model. However, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or GCP, are changing things very rapidly, allowing for the testing of software in a way that was not possible just a few years ago. AWS has the lead over all other cloud entities regarding size and growth. However, we predict that the Google Cloud will get closer to AWS in the future. Amazon and Google are competitors with one another, and as with most competition, the customer wins.

AWS and Google Cloud are changing the game for enterprise software. Gone are the days of waiting for infrastructure to be provisioned over days, weeks, or months. The core systems that run your business on premises, can scale to AWS or GCP rapidly and expand your existing software portfolio into untapped areas of value within your business.

A critical component of AWS and Google Cloud is the ability to move away from proprietary hardware. AWS and Google Cloud have amazing economies of scale in hardware and data center technology and management. How could a company put together a hardware setup that is competitive on price or flexibility with AWS/GCP? Those data centers have untold economies of scale. Computing technology has become a both ubiquitous and a utility. Your business can take advantage of AWS and GCP today.

About the Authors:

Shaun Snapp

Shaun Snapp is the managing editor for Brightwork Research & Analysis. He is a long time SAP consultant and researcher. Brightwork covers a variety of topics but has a strong focus on SAP. Brightwork has increasingly been focused on researching how to combine AWS and Google Cloud services with SAP on-premises environments.


Ahmed is a senior advisor for the minister of information technology and a member of the advisory board at the national telecommunication regulatory authority. Previously, he held senior leadership positions at Sybase, HP, Oracle, and SAP. Ahmed is a contributing member of the international executive association. A guest speaker at Dubai Gitex, Flat6labs, and DTEC. And a featured author on and Brightwork Research & Analysis.

Mark Dalton

Mark’s deep commitment to creating transformational outcomes using enterprise software for customers has been a driving force throughout his career. Working at JD Edwards Mark was able to see how great organizations focus on the customer, and developed the first multi-channel business intelligence platform across the organization. That experience has guided how Mark views the importance of organizational alignment of sales, customer support, product development, and marketing to enable a superior customer experience.

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