Do You Know The Cost To Manage Change?

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I am lucky to be able to talk to a number of Oracle EnterpriseOne customers on a weekly and monthly basis. The JD Edwards community, from partners to customers is a close knit group who are passionate about excellence. One question I have been asking our partners and prospects is, “do you know how much it costs you to manage the software development lifecycle in JD Edwards?” I’ve been astonished by the response; most customers do not know the fully loaded cost to manage change in EnterpriseOne. My question is always, why?

At AutoDeploy we’ve thought about in terms of the business requirement and solution to that business problem. You can see our infographic here:

AutoDeploy - Tradeoffs

In every solution column the business requirement is being forced to increase internal staffing, utilize a third party provider, or move into a managed cloud. All of the options have surge costing built into their structure and create an opaque view into the business objective. The ability to know exactly how much every package build and deploy costs becomes obscured by varying degrees of complexity in each offering. No wonder so many customers have difficult time knowing their true cost to manage change!

The only real way to get to your true cost and meet the increasing requirements of your business is to utilize automated tooling for your build and deploy process in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Automation normalizes your cost, increases your ability to deliver change, finds and stops errors form being deployed, reduces handoffs from developers to business analysts and end users, and gives your business full control over the change management process. Utilizing an automated tooling suite provides your business full cost transparency into the entire change management lifecycle from 30,000 feet to 3 feet.

Cost reduction is as important as ever in the new ERP landscape, and AutoDeploy has built a suite of products that can help your business lower TCO and focus on the key business objectives that drive your organization to excellence.

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