AutoDeploy’s Envoy, is the best enterprise software I have purchased recently. When we initially looked at Envoy, met with their team, and saw the product, there was a sense that no solution to automate a historically challenging function in package build and deploy could possibly live up to its billing.Envoy works as advertised, and probably better than advertised. The AutoDeploy solution is easy to install, provides flexibility for my JDEdwards EnterpriseOne installation, enables my technical and functional resources to focus on value add projects for our company, something we view as a very serious business advantage. If you use JDEdwards EnterpriseOne you should use AutoDeploy Envoy. It will transform your value delivery model for your business, reduce the total cost of ownership, and increase your return on investment for JDE.colas-logo

–Maxime Montreuil, IT Director

Colas IS Support