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How much time does your business spend on managing package build and deploys?

Envoy makes the Oracle JD Edwards package build and deploy process fully automated.

CNC administrators are constantly working on ad hoc request for package build and deploys, scheduled build and deploys, and the constant up keep of managing packages across your JD Edwards environments. With Envoy you can setup the rules and configure your package build and deploy on an automated schedule. If you require an off hours build, no more waiting till all hours of the night to get your build and deploy complete. One click of the button and you’re done; ready to build and deploy. No hassles, no time constraints, a simple and efficient solution to build code changes.

A comparison of the most important features required by our clients shows that not all automation solutions are created equal.

AutoDeploy Competition
Oracle OVI Certified on EnterpriseOne 9.2 Y Y
Approved for use in Oracle Managed Cloud Y N
Approved In the Cloud Marketplace Y N
100% Development in US with localized support Y N
Corporate Focus – 100% on software and support Y N
Capabilities Project Snapshot / Version Control Y N
Object Aware Workflow Branching Y N
Table Generation / Special Instructions Y N
Error Handling of Build and Deploy Y N
Multi-Foundation Support Y N
Real Time Notifications Y N
Product Suite Analytics Foundation Y N