How We Are Different

Existing processes for code development and deployment are susceptible to errors and difficult to solve once deployed. AutoDeploy’s change management suite solves legacy deployment challenges such as the length of time required, wait periods between environment availability, error handling, and status communication. Technology Approach Code & API driven – no hard coding Support for multi-foundation… Read More

FAQ: Installation

Installation Requirements and Process Q: Will I need to provision new hardware to install your software? A: No, the AutoDeploy software can be deployed on your existing setup. Q: What is the installation process like? A: Our installation process is as follows: Your team completes a pre-install worksheet. AutoDeploy reviews the worksheet and confirms completeness.  If… Read More

FAQ: Pricing

Q: What pricing / licensing model does AutoDeploy utilize? A: The AutoDeploy model is incredibly simple. All you can eat.  We charge a flat annual license fee per year for unlimited enterprise use of our entire suite of products.  This cost includes initial installation, support, and software updates for the the term of the license.