Run JD Edwards EnterpriseOne On AWS

I’ve been receiving some great feedback about our AllInOne JDE solution for AWS. One key thing I am consistently asked is, “why would we want to test out the latest tools on AWS?” While I think the answer has many layers of complexity, I want to reiterate the key point from my experience.

Creating temporary resources removes the constraints that ERP customers have experienced in the past to provision hardware and dimension environments. The AMI from AutoDeploy has all of this built in for immediate use. Utilizing the AMI for the latest tools, allows your sys admins, business analysts, and developers to experiment with new releases and work towards a model of how the new release will impact your existing installation.

New modalities of experimentation introduce the ability to model new patterns for how your business accepts change, and iterate through test cases super fast. We are interested in your opinions and your thoughts so please comment or reach out direct.