FAQ: Installation

Installation Requirements and Process

Q: Will I need to provision new hardware to install your software?
A: No, the AutoDeploy software can be deployed on your existing setup.

Q: What is the installation process like?
A: Our installation process is as follows:

  • Your team completes a pre-install worksheet.
  • AutoDeploy reviews the worksheet and confirms completeness.  If needed, we will ask you to clarify any points of concern.
  • The actional installation contains three major steps all of which can be completed remotely via a web meeting or live on-site:
  • First, discuss how to configure the software for your environment.  Which OMW status codes to use, ad-hoc vs scheduled builds, etc.
  • Second, install and configure the programs.  The process is similar to applying an ESU.
  • Third, run test build to verify functionality/configuration in DV and optionally PY.

Q: How long will my installation take?
A: Our installation and configuration process typically takes less than a day.